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About Healthy Merch


Hello and welcome to my site! My name is Alex and I am the owner/founder of Healthy Merch. I started getting into printing tees after I became a single father. I needed to find a way to be able to work from home. Thankfully, because of what I learned from my father, I knew how to operate a business. Printing tees looked like the perfect business operation for me and my little family.

I used to play music in bands when I was younger. I really enjoyed working with merchandise companies that would print our band apparel. Selling the merchandise at concerts was equally fun. I have always been creative and artistic. It looked like a great idea to start my own custom print apparel company that I could operate from my home to support my family. Thankfully everything has worked out great since I opened for operation in 2017. I operate from the Boise Idaho area. Currently we only ship within the USA.



Our mission at Healthy Merch is to provide quality print tees to your wardrobe. It's very important that we vend high quality tees that are comfortable and stylish. We want you to get many compliments on your newly acquired apparel!


As the owner, my vision for Healthy Merch, is to grow my company as much as possible. But, there is a limit to the growth I desire. I don't want to become a large/corporate entity that looses it's taste for personal intimate transactions. I desire to keep the culture I have created at Healthy Merch to give you a boutique small business feel with great customer service. 



I have invested in the best equipment I can find. I don't like to cut any corners. Having good quality equipment is necessary for having high quality products in this industry. Efficiency and workflow is important. But, not at the expense of quality.

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